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Didsbury: Course open. comp on. Lift, clean and place through the green. Rake and place in the bunkers. Buggies allowed; stick to paths and rough. please carry/ use push trolley if possible. Winter wheels now recommended on electric trolleys.

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Job Vacancy

Sunday 18th July 2021



Monday 12th July 2021


Charity Day a big hit at Didsbury

Wednesday 30th June 2021

DIDSBURY Golf Club were great and generous hosts for a charity 72 holes in a day challenge providing a superb course and great hospitality for the eight teams who took part.

Presented by J.W. Wrigley Esq,

Didsbury Golf Club, May 1959

1959 Didsbury at Didsbury
1960 Northenden at Northenden
1961 Sale at Sale
1962 Chorlton at Withington
1963 Chorlton at Chorlton
1964 Didsbury at Didsbury
1965 Northenden at Northenden
1966 Didsbury at Sale
1967 Withington at Withington
1968 Chorlton at Chorlton
1969 Didsbury at Didsbury
1970 Northenden at Northenden
1971 Withington at Sale
1972 Withington at Chorlton
1973 Withington at Withington
1974 Didsbury at Chorlton
1975 Northenden at Northenden
1976 Withington at Withington
1977 Withington at Sale
1978 Chorlton at Chorlton
1979 Withington at Didsbury
1980 Withington at Northenden
1981 Sale at Sale
1982 Withington at Withington
1983 Withington at Chorlton
1984 Withington at Didsbury
1985 Withington at Northenden
1986 Withington at Sale
1987 Withington at Withington
1988 Northenden at Chorlton
1989 Didsbury at Didsbury
1990 Northenden at Northenden
1991 Sale at Sale
1992 Withington at Withington
1993 Chorlton at Chorlton
1994 Chorlton at Didsbury
1995 Northenden at Northenden
1996 Withington at Sale
1997 Chorlton at Withington
1998 Chorlton at Chorlton
1999 Didsbury at Didsbury
2000 Northenden at Northenden
2001 Sale at Sale
2002 Withington at Withington
2003 Chorlton at Chorlton
2004 Sale at Didsbury
2005 Didsbury at Northenden
2006 Sale at Sale
2007 Sale at Withington
2008 Chorlton at Chorlton
2009 Didsbury at Didsbury
2010 Northenden at Northenden
2011 Sale at Sale
2012 Withington at Withington
2013 Didsbury at Chorlton
2014 Didsbury at Didsbury
2015 Withington at Sale
2016 Chorlton at Northenden
2017 Sale at Withington
2018 Didsbury at Chorlton
2019 Sale at Didsbury

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