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Mersey Bowl 2018

Monday 11th June 2018


Didsbury give their usual warm welcome

Tuesday 5th June 2018

SOME potential new members and people new to golf were given a typically warm and friendly Didsbury Golf Club welcome on an Introductory Day, organised by Adele McNeillie, by Captain Billy Wells, Lady Captain Pat Coulburn, club officials and members.

Manchester City Former Players

Sunday 27th May 2018

Noisy neighbours celebrate in style

Presented by J.W. Wrigley Esq,

Didsbury Golf Club, May 1959

1959Didsbury at Didsbury
1960Northenden at Northenden
1961Sale at Sale
1962Chorlton at Withington
1963Chorlton at Chorlton
1964Didsbury at Didsbury
1965Northenden at Northenden
1966Didsbury at Sale
1967Withington at Withington
1968Chorlton at Chorlton
1969Didsbury at Didsbury
1970Northenden at Northenden
1971Withington at Sale
1972Withington at Chorlton
1973Withington at Withington
1974Didsbury at Chorlton
1975Northenden at Northenden
1976Withington at Withington
1977Withington at Sale
1978Chorlton at Chorlton
1979Withington at Didsbury
1980Withington at Northenden
1981Sale at Sale
1982Withington at Withington
1983Withington at Chorlton
1984Withington at Didsbury
1985Withington at Northenden
1986Withington at Sale
1987Withington at Withington
1988Northenden at Chorlton
1989Didsbury at Didsbury
1990Northenden at Northenden
1991Sale at Sale
1992Withington at Withington
1993Chorlton at Chorlton
1994Chorlton at Didsbury
1995Northenden at Northenden
1996Withington at Sale
1997Chorlton at Withington
1998Chorlton at Chorlton
1999Didsbury at Didsbury
2000Northenden at Northenden
2001Sale at Sale
2002Withington at Withington
2003Chorlton at Chorlton
2004Sale at Didsbury
2005Didsbury at Northenden
2006Sale at Sale
2007Sale at Withington
2008Chorlton at Chorlton
2009Didsbury at Didsbury
2010Northenden at Northenden
2011Sale at Sale
2012Withington at Withington
2013Didsbury at Chorlton
2014Didsbury at Didsbury
2015Withington at Sale
2016Chorlton at Northenden
2017Sale at Withington
2018Didsbury at Chorlton

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